Best SSD Hosting Service Providers in the World

Before Choosing right Web Hosting provider, One thing you need to consider is how data is being transmitted and how it will allow other to come and visit your server, furthermore, your server’s hard drives will greatly influence loading and processing speeds, which might be really crucial for good web hosting. Higher speed will add would add w

Why One Need SSD Web Hosting ?
Let’s analyse the problem first. Why is the performance of your website so slow even after upgrading all the resources? Because the problem lies not with ‘size’ of the resources, but ‘quality’ of the resources. Most of the shared/dedicated servers that your website runs on use Hard disk drives. And here is the thing- no matter how much disk space you buy, HDDs simple can’t keep up with the heavy load of activities on websites that attract large number of visitors.

This is where Solid State Drive hosting comes into the picture. Solid state drives take power, size, and performance dynamics of storage to an all together different level and deliver access times that are nearly impossible to achieve for standard HDDs.
Website loading speed is a huge factor, a slow website results in fewer sales. Customers get frustrated, abandoning the cart or site completely. SSD hosting allows upto 3x times faster data transfers. In terms of raw I/O performance, MBPS (megabits per second) of transfer under heavy load to be 2x or greater compared to enterprise class spinning drives – a single SSD can achieve the same throughput or better than a 3-disk RAID 0 array.

SSD Web Hosting Providers:

  1. A2 Hosting
  2. InMohion Hosting