Top 10 Website Themes for Music Artists

1. Music

Music website theme


Music is a theme that brings art to life. Music is responsive and retina ready, built for artists, events, portfolios, photographers, and even apps. With Music, you can embed a music player, an album playlist, and even better: fullwidth video backgrounds! Create eye-catching pages with your own videos playing behind your content Read More…

2. Attitude


attitude website template for music artist


Don’t leave any of your visitors behind. All themes created by StrictThemes are fully responsive, and looks great on all kind of devices and screen sizes: from widescreen desktops down to tiny smartphone displays. Read More…


3. HUGO – Dark

HuGO Dark Website Theme for Singer


Hugo is the surprising creative Music & Band theme, With so clean and modern design style, you will never regret purchasing it for your own website about: artic company, singers, music bands, composer, blogers, vlogers Read More……

4. Chords

Chords Website Theme For Artist


With Chords you can build any entertainment related website (and more). Specifically designed for entertainers, solo artists, bands, event organizers, radio stations and all kinds of performers. Read More…


TheMagic6 Website Theme for Music Artists


TheMagic6 is a WordPress theme with functional modern design best suitable for music bands, dj’s, singers, artists, radio, events and entertainment websites. The theme includes 2 homepage layouts allowing you to give all the necessary information about band’s compilations, discography or any music event. With TheMagic6 you can showcase your photo and video galleries of the held or planning events. The theme can be interesting for music producers, musicians or anyone in the music industry. Read More…


6. Sonorama



Sonorama is a WordPress theme for music bands, profesional deejays, singers and for any artist related with the music industry that want to show his talent and sounds to the world. Read More…


7. JamSession

JamSession - Music & Music Band WordPress Theme


Music is our passion!! JamSession is an awesome looking music WordPress themesuitable for artists, music bands, musicians or anyone working in the music industry. The template has a modern design and is very flexible allowing you to customize it according to your music style and to your needs. JamSession music WordPress theme features a full screen slider, responsive masonry archive layout, custom post types for discography, events, photo gallery and videos. Read More…



FWRD is the Ultimate Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme


FWRD is the Ultimate Music Band & Musician WordPress Theme. If you are a musician, dj, music producer or webmaster, we are proud to say that it’s the best product we have developed yet. It’s time to move FORWARD. Read More


9. VibeMusic

VibeMusic - Musicians, Deejays, Singers, Bands WordPress Theme


We wanna to present you a professional and awesome music wordpress theme for music bands, radio website, profesional deejays, singers and for all people who related with the music industry. This product it’s coming with two amazing skins. Read More…



LA-BAND - Music Band Premium WordPress Theme


 LA-BAND is the most unique WordPress Theme, designed for Artists, Photographers, Events, Fashion, and all kind of creative things.It is a new trend well structured aiming to breath elegance, powerful & style. Read More…

How to Get PF Code Number from EPFO OLRE Portal

We are outlining the process to get PF Code number via Online Registration of establishments (OLRE) Portal .

From 01-12-2015, employers who are to apply for PF Registration (Code Number) will have to follow new process where they will be required to upload Digitally Signed Document at the time of application itself. The DSC (digital signature) should be in the name of employer, and his name will be auto populated in the “Employers Details” fields of the online application. The PAN of the employer applying online will also be verified.

Employers applying for Online Code may contact toll free No. 1800118005 between 09:45 AM to 05:15 PM on any working day for any query in this regard. Employers may also e-mail to “[email protected]” clearly stating the problem in detail.

  1. New Employer (who don’t have PF Code earlier) must click REGISTER (Clicking Register here will open form directly) Button to show registration form to Get user name & password for further process. Fill up this form properly.
  2. Now you have User ID & Password to Login on Portal (click here to open Login Page).
  3. After Login Your first Task would be to register your Digital Signatures. So Open Digital Certificate Menu & Click Register Certificate. Follow this detailed step by step guide to add digital signatures.
  4. After adding your Digital Signatures, Go to Apply for Code Menu and Click on Fill Application Form (Follow Page 10-18 from Guide mentioned in step 3) and Submit form.
  5. Now again go to Apply for Code menu then open Review Application sub-menu. Now Click on Upload icon and upload all relevant digitally signed documents (Click to learn [maxbutton id=”3″]).

OTP based eKYC

Employer  must Obtain Digital Signature to get EPF Number to proceed further. We can issue you Digital Signature and can guide you with all process professionally. Feel free to contact us.

About Cloud84:

Cloud84 is a Himachal Pradesh based premium digital Signature (dsc) Reseller. We provide E-Mudhra Class 2 and Class 3 digital signatures in India.

If you have any query then ask it by calling us (8351091922) or filling query form below.

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Document Checklist for e-Mudhra Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Documentation Requirement for  eMudhra Digital Signature

 dsc checklistApplying Digital Signature first time can be daunting task because how to fill form & documentation requirement makes things messy. Cloud84 made this whole process super easy. Follow this article to know documentation requirements for Individual (Indian & Foreigner) and Organisations (Indian & Foreigner) like companies, partnerships, BOI, Trust, LLP etc.


Individual DSC applicant don’t need to fill any form and no need of any documents but Organisational Applicants need to complete required documentation.

Just press following button to  proceed.


Instructions for Applying DSC With Physical Application Form


KEEP following points in Mind when filling DSC Application:

  1. Signature of the applicant should be in Blue Ink only
  2. Signature of the applicant should be as it is in ID proof
  3. Photo of the applicant in application form should be cross signed
  4. All supporting documents should be attested by either of Gazetted Officer / Bank Manager / Post Master
  5. For proof of attesting officer either one of the below is mandatory –
    • Contact Details of Attesting Officer including the name, designation, office address and contact number. This should be as part of attestation. If provided separately, it should be attested either by Applicant or Attesting Officer.
    • OR Self Attested copy of Organisational Identity card of attesting officer
  6. Organizational Documents can also be attested by Authorized Signatory
      If Organizational Documents are attested by Authorized signatory, attested copy of the organisational ID Card of the Authorized signatory is mandatory.


List of Accepted Documents – Indian Individual

(Note: For Individual Physical Application Only. Aadhar based eKYC don’t require any document. Click me to know more about OTP based eKYC)
Identity Proof (Any one of below) Address Proof (Any one of below)
  1. Passport
  2. PAN Card of the Applicant
  3. Driving Licence
  4. Post Office ID Card
  5. Bank Account Passbook containing the photograph and signed by an individual with attestation by the concerned Bank official
  6. Photo ID card issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs of Centre/State Governments
  7. Any Government issued photo ID card bearing the signatures of the individual
  1. AADHAAR Card
  2. Voter ID Card
  3. Driving Licence (DL)/Registration Certificate (RC)
  4. Water Bill (Not older than 3 Months).
  5. Electricity Bill (Not older than 3 Months)
  6. Bank Statements signed by the bank (Not older than 3 Months)
  7. Service Tax/VAT Tax/Sales Tax registration certificate
  8. Property Tax/ Corporation/ Municipal Corporation Receipt


List of Accepted Documents – Indian Organization

Document Name Company Partnership Proprietorship AOP/BOI LLP NGO/Trust
Copy of Applicant’s Organizational ID Card / Letter from Organization / Pay Slip YES  YES YES  YES  YES  YES
Copy of Organizational PAN Card YES YES  NO YES YES  YES
Copy of Bank Statement (First 2 Pages) YES YES  YES YES YES  YES
Copy of Incorporation/Registration Certificate YES  NO  NO  YES  YES YES
Copy of AOA & MOA / Rules / Bye laws (First 2 Pages)  YES NO  NO  YES  YES  YES
Copy of Last Income Tax Return / Audit Report & Annual Return / Self Affidavit with reason, if not available (First 2 Pages) YES YES YES  YES  YES  YES
Copy of Partnership Deed / Trust Deed / LLP Agreement containing the List of Partners / Signatories (2 Pages)  NO  YES  NO YES  YES
Copy of Business Registration Certificate (S&E / ST / VAT)  NO NO  YES NO NO NO
Proof of Authorized Signatory (Board Resolution) YES  YES  YES YES
Authorized Signatory Organizational ID Card / Self-Attested Letter of Organizational Identity YES YES YES YES YES YES
Copy of PAN Card of Applicant, if PAN provided YES YES YES YES YES YES


List of Accepted Documents – Foreign Individual

Identity Proof (All are mandatory) Address Proof (All are mandatory)
  1. Attested copy of Applicant Passport
  2. Attested copy of VISA (If applicant is out of native country).
  3. Attested copy of Resident Permit certificate (If applicant is in India)
  1. Attested copy of Applicant Passport
  2. Attested copy of any other Government issued Address Proof


List of Accepted Documents – Foreign Organization

Organizational Proof (All are mandatory)
  1. Attested copy of Incorporation / Registration Certificate
  2. Attested copy of Bank Statement
  3. Signed and Sealed Letter of authorization by authorized signatory.
  4. Current list of Directors / Partners in the Organization
  5. Certifying copy of Authority Signatory Organization ID proof


Foreign Attestation Procedure

Foreign Attestation procedure
  1. Embassy of Native Country (If applicant is out of native country)
  2. Apostilized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is in Hague Convention)
  3. Consularized by Native Country, after Public Notary (if country is not in Hague Convention)

Learn How to Digitally Sign a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader

Many Indian Government Departments require to submit digitally signed PDF on their websites (e.g. EPFO, e-Tendering etc.). This short tutorial will show how to digitally sign a document with USB Token Based Digital Signatures (primarily Indian USB Tokens like e-pass, proxkey, gemalto, safenet etc.)

Follow this process to digitally sign a PDF Document:

  1. Plug your DSC (Digital Signature) Token to available USB Port. Make sure you already installed its drivers.
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  3. Open PDF Document you want to sign.

    How to Digitally Sign a PDF


  4. Click on TOOLS  then Click on Certificates
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF



  5. Now Screen will show your Document. Now Click on Digitally Sign on Top bar.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  6. Your Cursor will now become plus shape ……. Scroll on page where ever you wish to sign and make a box by dragging mouse while holding left button of mouse or touchpad.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  7. New pop will open you to select SIGN AS click this field and find & select your name. Now Press SIGN button in the bottom.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  8. Save file with new name
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  9. Now Acrobat with ask you for password of your Digital Signature.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  10. That’s it! You just signed a PDF File Digitally.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF




About Cloud84:

Cloud84 is a Himachal Pradesh, India based premium digital Signature (dsc) Reseller. We provide E-Mudhra, SIFY, N-CODE and Capricorn DGFT, Class 2 and Class 3 digital signatures in India.

If you have any query then ask it by calling us (8351091922) or filling query form below.

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