Download Capricorn DSC

Download Capricorn Digital Signature

If you already know how to Download Capricorn Digital Signature then press following button and proceed else read instructions below properly.

Download Capricorn Digital Signature


Not EDGE but use only Internet Explorer for Capricorn DSC Download
Not EDGE but use only Internet Explorer for Capricorn DSC Download

Method 1 : DOWNLOADING Capricorn DSC with Internet Explorer

Instructions :

1. Please download Capricorn DSC from Internet Explorer only because DSC will not be downloaded in CHROME, EDGE, FIREFOX, OPERA or SAFARI will not . So open this page in Internet explorer then proceed.

2. IE browser should be run as administrator. To configure Browser settings Download and install IE setting EXE and MSI plugin from here.

3. Now please insert the USB token in which you want to download the certificate to your computer & Install the tokens driver of the respected token from here.

4. Now, To download the digital certificate enter the following Details:-

  • A) Order ID
  • B) Pin code (It’s mention in applicant Address)
  • C) Download Key sent by us to your mobile number registered with us.
  • D) Click Submit.

Now click on install and wait till it shows successfully downloaded.

Important Note:

1. For Capricorn Digital Signature Certificates:

  • A. Class 2 and Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates download is allowed in USB Crypto Token only
  • B. Do not close the browser or remove the token till the certificate is downloaded



Instructions :

If you are not able to download the capricorn digital certificate with Internet Explorer process  mentioned earlier then you can use cash solution software to download the certificate. Download cash solution.

Where is Capricorn ENCRYPTION or Document Signer is Downloaded ?

Your Encryption and Document Signer certificate will be downloaded in Certificate Manager. you will find your certificate in the path: Settings > Internet Options > Content > Certificates > Personal    or use RUN Command by pressing WINDOWS + R end write CERTMGR.MSC then press ENTER. Please export your ENCRYPTION certificate from the browser and import it in the token. STEP BY STEP  Procedure to export are mentioned here.

Computer SYSTEM Requirement to Download Capricorn DSC

Minimum requirements for Compatibility:

  1. Microsoft Windows 7
  2. Internet Explorer 9 (not EDGE in Windows 10)
  3. .Net Framework 4.5

Recommended system  configuration:

  1. Windows 10
  2. Internet Explorer 11 (not EDGE in Windows 10)
  3. .Net Framework 4.5

If you are facing problem in Downloading Capricorn DSC then Call to Capricorn Support

011-2242 2444

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