Learn How to Digitally Sign a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader

how to digitally sign pdf file

Many Indian Government Departments require to submit digitally signed PDF on their websites (e.g. EPFO, e-Tendering etc.). This short tutorial will show how to digitally sign a document with USB Token Based Digital Signatures (primarily Indian USB Tokens like e-pass, proxkey, gemalto, safenet etc.)

Follow this process to digitally sign a PDF Document:

  1. Plug your DSC (Digital Signature) Token to available USB Port. Make sure you already installed its drivers.
  2. Open Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  3. Open PDF Document you want to sign.

    How to Digitally Sign a PDF


  4. Click on TOOLS  then Click on Certificates
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF


  5. Now Screen will show your Document. Now Click on Digitally Sign on Top bar.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  6. Your Cursor will now become plus shape ……. Scroll on page where ever you wish to sign and make a box by dragging mouse while holding left button of mouse or touchpad.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  7. New pop will open you to select SIGN AS click this field and find & select your name. Now Press SIGN button in the bottom.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  8. Save file with new name
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  9. Now Acrobat with ask you for password of your Digital Signature.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF
  10. That’s it! You just signed a PDF File Digitally.
    How to Digitally Sign a PDF




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